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Our Mission

ERURS strives to uphold the Laws of the Game of Rugby Union to allow players, coaches, spectators and all stakeholders enjoy the game safely and equitably.

Our Vision

ERURS strives to be recognized as a national leader in rugby refereeing by developing top quality referees at all levels of the game.



Congratulations to the following award winners for 2022:

  • Derek Poole/Druids RFC Award for Referee of the Year

Stephen Kinasevich

  • Lynn Davies Award for First Year Referee

Darren Andruko & Cassandra Schau

  • David Percy Award for Most Improved Referee

Michael Hargas

  • Don Whidden Award for Biggest Contribution to the Society

Lana Burton


The Edmonton Rugby Referees Society (ERURS) was formed in 1965 to provide support and development opportunities for rugby referees in the Edmonton area of Alberta, Canada. The society was established following the formation of the British Columbia Referees Society in 1957. Gareth Jones, a talented referee from Wales, played a major role in the development of referees with the ERURS in 1974. Don
Whidden, the Manager of Match Officials, was another major contributor to the society. He recruited and trained new referees, organized matches and tournaments, and ensured that all matches were conducted fairly and professionally.

Edmonton has hosted several major rugby tournaments over the years, including the Churchill Cup in 2004 and the Women's Rugby World Cup in 2006. These tournaments provided local referees with opportunities to officiate high-level matches and receive coaching from experienced referees such as Paddy O'Brien and Keith Morrison. Edmonton has also hosted numerous men's and women's international matches, further developing the skills of local referees. The ERURS has played a crucial role in
organizing and supporting these events.

Thanks to these efforts, the Edmonton area has produced several accomplished referees who have officiated at the highest levels of the sport. These referees have helped promote the development of rugby in Canada and around the world, inspiring the
next generation of referees in the Edmonton area and beyond. The ERURS remains an essential part of the rugby community in Edmonton and continues to uphold the highest standards of professionalism and sportsmanship.

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