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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I become a referee?

Check out the "Become a Referee" page.

Do I get paid to referee?

Yes! Once you are certified as a referee and get registered, you should be paid for all games you ref. The amount paid varies based on the level and length of the games. You will also get paid mileage if you ever need to travel to a game.

Do I need to be a certain age?

The minimum age to take the Level 1 course is 14. After that, all ages are welcome to come and referee! Young referees sometimes stick to Junior games until they are confident and competent to take on higher levels, but anyone 14 or above is encouraged to try it.

What is ERURS? What about CRURS, CRUMOS or RAMOA?

ERURS is the Edmonton Rugby Union Referees Society, which includes Edmonton and Northern Alberta. See the "About" page for more info. CRUMOS (formerly known as CRURS) is our counterpart that includes Calgary, Red Deer and Southern Alberta. RAMOA (Rugby Alberta Match Officials Association) is the organization that encompasses both of these referee societies to ensure certain things are consistent across the province.

I am a tournament organizer. How do I get referees?

Contact us at

We will do our best to work with you and ensure your tournament is a success. Also, check out the "Documents" page for a worksheet that will help you budget for referee costs.

I used to referee. Can I come back?

Yes! We are always happy to have new or returning members. If you are concerned about certifications and whether they are valid, contact us and we will assist you in finding out.

What opportunities exist for referees?

Too many to count! For many people, there are even more opportunities available through refereeing than through playing. ERURS members have travelled to every continent to ref, along with countless cities and countless tournaments around the world and have participated in all levels from beginner rugby to international test matches. See the "Why Referee?" section for testimonials from a few refs.

Any other questions?

Contact us below!

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